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Taking out a starter loan in Haarlem or Amsterdam

Taking out a starter loan in Haarlem or Amsterdam

Are you new to the housing market and would you like to take out a starter loan to buy a house in Haarlem or Amsterdam? If you are unable to borrow enough money from a bank, you may qualify for a starter loan. This loan bridges the difference between the total purchase price of a house and the maximum amount that you can borrow from the bank based on your income.

The benefits of a starter loan when buying a house in Haarlem or Amsterdam

In around 200 municipalities, including Haarlem and Amsterdam, you can get help with a starter loan as a first-time buyer. This is an additional loan in addition to your mortgage. The starter loan offers a solution especially if you do not have (enough of) your own money to bridge the difference between the price of the home and your maximum mortgage. And it offers advantageous terms. For the first three years, you pay no interest and repayment for the starter loan. After that, you will pay interest and repayment, provided that your income has risen sufficiently.

National Mortgage Guarantee

The starter loan is only granted in combination with the National Mortgage Guarantee (Nationale Hypotheek Garantie or NHG) and is only available in a number of municipalities, including Haarlem and Amsterdam. The amount of the loan depends on your income, equity and the conditions of the municipality. To be eligible for the starter loan, you must meet a number of basic conditions:

  • You are a first-time buyer of a property where you yourself (or with your partner) will be living
  • You take out a mortgage with the National Mortgage Guarantee (Nationale Hypotheek Garantie or NHG)
  • Your municipality offers the starter loan
  • You do not have too many savings

What is the maximum you can borrow for your first home?

You will find several handy calculation tools on our website. Do you want an indication of what you can borrow and what your monthly payments will be? On our website you can calculate your monthly payments when buying a home. This calculation does not include the amount that you with a starter loan you could receive on top of that.

Contact our advisors

Inter Adviesgroep advisors know exactly what is possible with regard to a starter loan in Haarlem and Amsterdam. Moreover, they have excellent knowledge of the housing market in these cities. Make an appointment now on +31 (0) 23 545 80 95 for more information and a customised calculation.