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Trees for All

Together we have already planted 634 trees since the start of the project in November 2019.

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Taking out a mortgage

Do you have your eye on a nice residential property, and do you want advice on taking out a mortgage? Few people can pay for their new home in cash. For this reason it’s good to know there are mortgages. But taking out a mortgage is a serious matter, with the necessary consequences for your budget and future. Choosing the right mortgage is therefore very important. But that’s easier said than done. Inter Adviesgroep is a small, regional office with excellent knowledge of the local housing market. We are happy to assist you in taking out your mortgage if you live in the Haarlem region.

Taking out a mortgage with independent advice

Inter Adviesgroep advisors can help you with taking out or renewing your mortgage. We know all the rules, grants and types of mortgages. Because we work locally, we know the housing market in and around Haarlem like the back of our hand and we can give you excellent mortgage advice when buying a home in this region. We also work with all Dutch providers and have years of experience with comprehensive financial planning. But most importantly: we listen very carefully to your wishes. Your preferred housing costs, risk, future perspective and plans: we will help you put it all together. We will help you find the best mortgage for your situation, negotiate better conditions for your current mortgage or find a way to buy your dream home after all. So much is possible with good advice. Calculate how much you can borrow or make an appointment now.

The benefits we offer

Do you live in the Haarlem region and do you want to take out or refinance a mortgage? You need good and personal guidance and advice on this. Use our valued approach:

  • We keep our promises
  • We are flexible and fast
  • We will give you a clear explanation
  • We offer products from all major banks and insurance companies

You can count on us for personal guidance. We know the mortgage and local housing market in Haarlem very well.

For good and comprehensive advice

Are you looking for a mortgage provider in Haarlem and would you like good and personal advice on taking out a mortgage? Please call +31 (0)23 545 80 95 to discuss your options. You can come to our office or we can visit you at home.

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