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Trees for All

Together we have already planted 634 trees since the start of the project in November 2019.

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Traffic and transportation

In the Netherlands, a car owner must take out insurance to cover all the damage that they cause to other persons or vehicles while driving their car. Since this insurance is mandatory, this car insurance is called a Mandatory Third-Party Liability (WA) car insurance. A WA car insurance therefore takes on the costs for which the driver is liable. Thanks to this obligation, all road users are guaranteed to receive compensation when they suffer damage due to the fault of another driver.

In addition to damage you can cause to others, your car may also get damaged. You can insure this risk by choosing car insurance with a more comprehensive coverage. This insurance is obligated. The moment you choose a more comprehensive coverage and your car is damaged – caused by someone else or by yourself – you can claim on this insurance to compensate this damage.
What exactly is covered by car insurance depends on the chosen type of insurance and the chosen company.

If you want to take out car insurance now, click here: icoon-autoverzekering

Home Insurance

What are home insurance policies? With a so-called home insurance, also called homeowner’s insurance, you insure yourself against damage to your home itself. Content Insurance protects you against damage to furniture and other belongings that do not belong to the home itself. With a comprehensive home insurance policy you are therefore protected against all forms of damage. But how do you choose a home insurance policy? And how do you compare a home insurance policy on premium and conditions?

Travel Insurance

There are roughly two types of travel insurance: an annual travel insurance policy and a short-term travel insurance policy. Both travel insurances insure you and/or your property during your holiday or weekend trip. The basic coverage of travel insurance usually offers assistance and coverage for additional costs that you have to incur as a result of, for example; theft, illness, an accident or death.

Other insurance policies

As the term suggests, insurance provides financial security. An amount is paid out in the event of illness, theft, accident, damage or death. You can also insure yourself for future income or legal aid.
In short, a lot can be done through insurance, but it is not all necessary. The type of insurance you need depends on your personal circumstances.
Inter Adviesgroep advisors are happy to help you decide which insurance policies are useful to you, whether there is over-insurance and where to take out the best and most economical insurance. Good advice can bring you a lot of benefits.